Mission of CHT is to become, for the South of Italy, a known R&D, industrialization and production center in the fields of Robotics and Mechatronics, finding commercial outlets for its products through multinational companies of different sectors.

The intent is to develop the research, both independently or on external commission, including through access to EEC funds and then achieve total independence thanks to the production of what we developed. Fundamental importance from this point of view is the patenting process.

The company is specializing in “problem solving” of the firms requiring help, we could already boast among our results the solution of some technological issues, as shown under “Projects”.

Partnerships already in place of the CHT staff with the University of Calabria, specifically the DIMEG (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Management), the CTC (Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies), with the University of Magna Græcia, with Biotecnomed Scarl, with the Institute S. Anna Crotone, with whom continues the research and development of new products while improving the existing ones.